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ReplayTV ditches the set-top box

ReplayTV ditches the set-top box

In a shot across the bow of TiVo and other set-top box DVRs, ReplayTV has decided to ditch the stand-alone box and move to a PC-based format. In a press release from this morning, ReplayTV says it will bundle a new software application with TV tuner hardware from Hauppauge Computer Works. From the press release:

"ReplayTV will soon complete the sale of all remaining 5500 Series DVR products, completing the first phase of the transformation of the brand from a hardware manufacturer to a leading provider of advanced DVR software and services to consumers of entertainment PCs."

This basically means the company is getting out of the hardware business entirely, throwing its weight behind the media center PC concept. Will consumers want to replace their ReplayTV box with an even bigger PC? Will other companies, such as TiVo, follow suit? Stay tuned--perhaps some of our questions will be answered next month at CES.