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Replace two broken iPhones with AppleCare+, new to UK

With the iPhone 5S and 5C on their way, you can now claim for two accidents in two years on AppleCare+ -- for a price.

If your phone has more chips than Kerry Katona's breakfast, you'll be glad to hear Apple has extended AppleCare+ to the UK. With the iPhone 5S and 5C on their way, you can now claim for two accidents in two years -- for a price.

Apple's warranty scheme, already protecting iPhones and iPads in the US, is now available in France and Italy as well as here in Britain. It costs £79 or €99 to cover an iPad or iPhone against damage for two years.

Protection for an iPod touch or classic iPod costs £49 or €59.

AppleCare+ is a warranty scheme offered for a month after buying a new iPod, iPad or iPhone. You get access to technical support over the phone for your device, iCloud, wireless networks, and Apple apps such as FaceTime and Safari, alongside the option to have your device repaired or replaced twice during the two years.

For each incident you have to fork out £55 excess to get your device fixed or replaced.

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If you were planning on accidentally dropping your current phone onto concrete three or four times then accidentally pouring water on it, now's as good a time as any. Two new iPhones were announced in San Francisco yesterday and go on sale on 20 September -- although CNET readers were underwhelmed, to say the least.

To decide which iPhone is right for you and your wallet, check out our handy guide to iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C UK prices and release dates.

Whatever phone you own, it's always worth insuring it -- look out for cheap options with your bank account or your home and contents insurance. Or at the very least get a case. 

Is AppleCare+ a good deal? How do you safeguard your phone? Tell me your thoughts in the comments -- or try not to break anything on our Facebook wall.