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Remote-controlled caddy for the lazy duffer

Carry your clubs and gear in style for $2,000.

Stewart Golf

Gadgets like the golf watch may have lessened the need for a human caddy, but you still need to figure out how to lug the clubs around the course. And if you're anything like us, carrying them yourself is out of the question. But there's a potential solution that seems almost too good to be true: a remote-controlled caddy.

Running on 12-volt battery that powers two motors, Stewart Golf's "X3R Electric Golf Trolley" will tote your clubs for all 18 holes with a remote that has a 50-yard range, according to Gizmo Watch. Think of it as an ideal compromise for the duffer who isn't quite ready for the retirement-village cart but doesn't want to look like a dork either.

Granted, the $2,000 price tag means it isn't for everyone, but that pales next to the cost of a mini-Hummer or Cadillac Escalade. Besides, imagine all the fun you can have chasing gophers with it, a la Caddyshack.