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Remote-controlled beverage cooler keeps the party rolling

Hammacher Schlemmer beverage cooler keeps partygoers refreshed by remotely delivering the goods.

Keep the party rolling. Hammacher Schlemmer

I'm not sure exactly who this beverage cooler is designed for. I mean, there's lazy, and then there is lazy. I imagine resting in a lawn chair or hammock, enjoying a nice adult beverage, when suddenly the need for a refill becomes apparent. Luckily, right by my side, there would be a cooler filled with refreshments. Which is what is confusing me--if I'm planning on being super lazy, why would the cooler be anywhere but right beside me? I wouldn't even get a chance to use the remote.

Be that as it may, I suppose there could be instances when I'm relaxing with some friends and I find myself in need of a remote-controlled cooler. For example, I could be socializing (meaning walking around) with friends at a tailgate party. If I found myself out of beer, I could simply dial up my handy remote controlled cooler for a refill.

The Remote Controlled Beverage Cooler is capable of delivering 12 cans or bottles (with ice) up to a range of 40 feet. The remote is simple to operate, with basic controls, including forward, back, left and right. The sides are water resistant vinyl, which allows for the whole cooler to be collapsed into a small size for storage.

Now, if the cooler would just be able to go to the store for a beer run, then I'd be in.