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Reminder: OSBC proposals now being accepted

OSBC is adding a theme to its 2009 show: how to save money and make money in a recession with open source.

I posted the OSBC (Open Source Business Conference) Call for Papers a few weeks back, but not very clearly. (I tried too hard to include a picture of Utah snow.) Proposals have been coming in, and I've got the conference agenda 50 to 60 percent full now.

Given all the market turmoil, I'm expanding the conference theme a bit. It had been focused on "Open Sourcing the Enterprise," meaning, finding new ways to turn users of open source into contributors to open source, inspired by Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst. This will continue to be a primary theme.

Added to it, however, I'd like to see more on how companies are using open source to save money and drive innovation through the downturn. Fox and others will be presenting on this. I'd also love to hear from the vendor side on strategies for using open source to fuel adoption, community, and cash in a recession.

You can submit a proposal online. OSBC 2009 is being held in San Francisco on March 10-11, 2009.