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Reminder: Digg town hall tonight

Social news site is having a town hall meeting tonight on Ustream to discuss current issues surrounding the site.

In response to some of the recent community concerns, Digg is holding a town hall meeting tonight at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern on Ustream. Obviously Digg has a very strong and vocal community and this event should serve as a good venue for voicing opinions directly to those in charge.

Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson will be taking questions and responding to concerns, as well as talking about the future of Digg. Topics are likely to include censorship, moderators, Digg's new algorithm, and maybe even rumors of possible acquisitions.

This town hall should also serve as a means to test how Ustream handles an extremely large number of users on their service. Caroline McCarthy will be liveblogging the event and we will have some analysis after all is said and done. Here's to hoping that the servers involved don't die a horrible death when this thing kicks off.