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Remember Photobucket? It's back with stories to tell

Photo-sharing service Photobucket returns with a new feature called Stories, in an attempt to pull users back into the fold.

Photo-sharing service Photobucket may have been forgotten about when the likes of Facebook and Flickr came along, but it's back with a new feature called Stories, in an attempt to pull users back into the fold.

(Screenshot by CBSi)

You might not even remember Photobucket: it's one of the oldest photo-sharing sites around, founded in 2003, which is almost prehistoric in internet years. While many photographers have moved on to sites like 500px or Google+, Photobucket still remains incredibly popular with the legacy crowd. With over 100 million users and 3.5 billion photos served every day, it was about time that the site received an overhaul to tempt new users to join.

The site has recently unveiled Photobucket Stories, which presents your images in a narrative form around certain events. Images taken from multiple devices like smartphones and cameras can be integrated into Stories in a collaborative environment, and it's really designed to act as a central repository for all of your digital images, rather than having them float around on several different sites.

Stories is being rolled out progressively to existing users, and should be directly available to new sign-ups. Photobucket currently operates in a similar way to sites like Flickr, which charge for pro accounts that allow for unlimited storage and high-resolution photo support.

Photobucket is the service that currently powers Twitter's photo-sharing feature. Just recently, the site found itself in hot water over a security hole, which allowed other users to access photos in albums marked as private through the direct URL.