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Release windows for Telltale's Batman Game and Walking Dead Season 3 confirmed

Here's when you can play Telltale's next games.

While we're still waiting for specific release dates, Telltale Games has now narrowed down the release windows for its upcoming Batman game and the third season of The Walking Dead. Telltale's Job Stauffer revealed the release windows on Twitter, confirming that the Batman series will debut this summer, while Walking Dead's third season kicks off this fall.

He also referenced E3 2016 and used a winky face, if that means anything.

In the Batman game, you'll be able to play as Batman and Bruce Wayne, and you'll even get to choose who you want to play as. However, CEO Kevin Bruner said during a SXSW event earlier this year that you will have to play as both characters eventually.

Telltale's Batman story is original and won't be tied to any existing version of the caped crusader. It'll focus on Bruce and Batman, but you can expect to see characters like Alfred Pennyworth, Vicki Vale, Jim Gordon, and Renee Montoya throughout the story. The villains were not announced, but it's been confirmed there will be more than one.

As for The Walking Dead Season 3, we still don't know much about it. However, Bruner said earlier this year that it should appeal to newcomers and veterans alike.

"It allows people who maybe haven't people [the first two seasons] to come in and get up to speed really quickly. But it definitely respects, honors, and facilitates all of the various end points that Season Two had," he explained.

In addition to these two games, Telltale is working on an unannounced Marvel game and a second season of its Game of Thrones series.