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Relaxation of the future: Airport pods

The "Nemorelaxer" is a rentable cocoon.


As fond as we are of massaging chairs, beds, or anything else that's shiatsu-enabled, the "Nemorelaxer" seems to take the concept a bit too far.

It's not that we have anything against its restorative properties, mind you; it's the venue that has us a little weirded out. These modules--equipped with recliner chairs, sound insulation, folding desks, and touch-screen monitors--are planned for airports, according to Luxist. Although they're designed for suites with staffs that will watch your luggage and wake you up, we'd be too nervous to fall asleep in the 30-minute rental slots now envisioned. These things look like a cross between The Matrix and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, with some elements of an MRI chamber.

Even if we were able to fall asleep, chances are the attendants wouldn't be able to break our slumber. And with our luck, they'd probably pull out a "Clocky."