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Relax, Verizon won't replace ​Yahoo name with its Oath brand

After Verizon completes its Yahoo acquisition, it'll promote the Yahoo brand, a top exec says. The new Oath brand is mostly for business partners.

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong discusses Oath and Yahoo on CNBC.​

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong discusses Oath and Yahoo on CNBC.

Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

That new Oath brand that Verizon will use to encompass AOL, Yahoo and other online properties? It's mostly for business partners, not ordinary folks on the web.

"It's not a consumer brand," AOL Chief Executive Tim Armstrong said Tuesday on CNBC about Oath. "The most important brands we have are around Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Tumblr, Huffington Post, and so forth."

This summer, after the Yahoo deal is expected to close, you should expect a publicity campaign promoting the brand names Verizon does want us to concentrate on, he said. In other words, Verizon isn't throwing out the value of the 22-year-old internet pioneer.

"You're going to see Yahoo and AOL from a resurgent standpoint," Armstrong said. "There will be a major push on those brands."