'Related' tab arrives in Android Market

Discovering new apps and games just became easier with the integration of a "related" tab for the Android Market.

The new Related tab is at the top right. AndroidCentral

Google quietly ushered in another new Android Market feature today with the integration of a "related" tab. Designed to aid in application and game discovery, the tab lists apps that are related to the title that you're currently viewing. For example, when browsing Google Sky Map, related titles include astronomy, lunar, and satellite titles. Depending on carrier or handset, the tab may be called "similar" instead of "related."

The feature is just the latest in a series of small moves that will add up to a much improved Android Market experience. For example, last month saw the implementation of additional graphics, YouTube videos, recent change logs, and content ratings.

The next release of Android, Gingerbread or OS 2.3, is widely expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks. The redesigned Market is among the many rumored changes that Gingerbreaf should bring to the platform. Judging by the new features and options, users will have plenty at their disposal to learn more about apps and discover content that may have been otherwise missed.

The related tabs has not been formally announced by Google, so it's hard to say exactly what version(s) of Android is required. My instinct tells me it is for 2.2 and above, as that's the going trend with recent apps from Google. Maps and Gmail have both seen updates that require Froyo in order to take advantage of the new features.

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