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RelacON: Rub-a-dub-dub, an iPod in a tub

Who says electricity and water don't mix? This new iPod accessory just begs you to take it for a dip...

Gone are the days when dropping your hi-fi in the bath could only be interpreted as a suicide bid: now it's the height of fashion. The RelacON is an iPod amp and speaker combo that works at up to 10m underwater without any risk of frying you alive.

Contrary to popular assumption, water is an excellent conductor of sound. If you like to lie in the tub with just the tip of your face poking out of the water, pretending that you're a precog, then you'll still be able to hear little Chris Martin crooning his heart out in some flaccid pop slush emitted by your submerged iPod.

The RelacON is power rated at 2x800mW, which isn't fantastically loud, but is at least boisterous enough to attract sharks and other sprightly creatures if used in open water. Battery life is rated at 30 hours -- don't test this claim in the bath though, or you'll shrivel up like a little pop-hungry raisin.

RelacON will bob to the surface of the Japanese market later this month for around £21. There are no details on an official UK release yet, so get instant-messaging your friends in Tokyo to arrange an import. The RelacON comes in three colours: pink, white and a lovely marine blue. -CS