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Refurbished iPad 2s arrive in Apple's online store

Refurbished versions of the popular Apple tablet arrive on the company's online store for the first time since launching in early March.

Discounted iPad 2s.

Apple is now selling refurbished versions of the iPad 2 through its U.S. online store, a first since the popular tablet was launched in March.

Apple is carrying both colors of the device at different storage capacities, though all except for two of what's currently in stock are the models with either Verizon or AT&T's 3G networking built in, as opposed to the less expensive, Wi-Fi-only models. Apple is also not offering any of the entry-level 16GB capacity models.

As for the discount, which is one of the main reasons to purchase a refurbished product as opposed to a new one, buyers are saving $50. That's not as deep as buyers get on a first-generation iPad, which has anywhere from a $100 to $130 discount, depending on the model.

Those holding out for refurbished iPad 2s from Apple have had quite a wait, though this year's model took just about as long to reach Apple's online store as the first-generation device. That model, which was released in April 2010, didn't end up for sale on Apple's storeuntil late October of that year. The big difference, of course, was Apple knew people wanted the product this time around, and has been producing more units.

(via Macrumors)