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Reflect on your geekiness with a MacBook mirror

MacBook, MacBook in my hand, who's the geekiest in the land? Now you can have that Photo Booth vanity moment without ever firing up your laptop.

A one... W3sh Store

Admit it: Sometimes when you're working at a cafe, hacking out CSS or putting the finishing touches on your Facebook app, you fire up your Webcam to check yourself out and make sure you're at your best for all those babe-alicious telecommuters at adjacent tables.

Well, now you can replicate that surreptitious Webcam-vanity moment without ever firing up your laptop. Yes--hallelujah--it's the MirrorBook Air, with a form factor that would leave even a jaded tech journalist agape.

...and a two. W3sh Store

The $26 MirrorBook is about the size of your typical compact. But is it really just for plucking the renegade nose hair or checking your teeth for bits of grilled cheese sandwich from The Melt just prior to entering that pitch meeting with someone from CrunchFund? We think not.

We say it's really a profound example of contemporary art. It makes a stirring comment about how--like God molding Adam--we shape technology to fit our image. Or maybe it's making a statement about how we've imprisoned ourselves within technology, or how we quite literally can't get our faces out of our handheld devices.

Actually, maybe it's just a clever little gift item for your favorite geek or geekette.

Then again, you probably could use it to signal for help if you ever got lost in the Googleplex. But don't let Sergey or Larry see it. It's a Mac after all, not an Android device or a Chromebook.

(Via Laughing Squid)