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Refill your memories while you refill your mug

The Digital Photo Mug features a removable LCD screen for displaying your favorite photos.

Remember that time we got coffee? Think Geek

Ah, memories. We carry them around with us wherever we go. While best lived and relived inside our own noggins, sometimes a little external reminder is appreciated. At one time we carried pictures around with us in our wallets and purses. This practice has--for the most part--evolved to the point where we carry around pictures of family, friends, and all-around good times on all of our portable digital devices. However, our phones, laptops, pads, pods, and the occasional digital camera are not always at the ready, at least when it comes to picture viewing. Our coffee mugs, on the other hand, are.

The Digital Photo Mug harkens back to another time while firmly rooted in the present. Our photo-carrying ancestors paved the way with not only physical pictures, but also pictures printed on mugs. The problem with those was once you chose your picture and that was it. Forever. (Or until you dropped the mug). Holding up to 45 pictures, the travel mug comes complete with a USB cable and plug-and-play photo transfer software. Displayed on a 1.5-inch LCD screen on a removable frame, all your favorite memories can be with you wherever you go. Best of all, they are easily updated when it's time to make new ones--or a batch of coffee, whichever happens to come first.