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Peanut-butter-pocalypse: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups will cram in Reese's Pieces

Candy company Hershey confirms the news after a day of sweet rumors from a chocolate-craving Internet.

Candy lovers, you only have to wait till July for this Reese's-stravaganza.

Hershey Company

E.T., phone home. The cute little alien from the 1982 film loved Reese's Pieces peanut-butter candy, but he had no idea what was coming.

The Hershey Company confirmed Thursday on Facebook that it will roll out a new version of the classic Reese's Peanut Butter Cup with Reese's Pieces added.

Sweet rumors spread across the Internet on Wednesday thanks to a trail of candy hints Hershey dropped on social media. One of the images showed a peanut-butter cup dreaming of the munchalicious merger. A tweet showed a sly peanut-butter cup winking and claiming to have no idea where the Pieces had gone.

"When can i buy them and stuff them in my face Reese's?!!" asked one Facebook user.

"July...around 2 months...1,344 like 80,640 minutes, give or take," the company replied.No doubt, Hershey ate up all the delicious free publicity the rumors created.

Before the news was confirmed, food blog Eater managed to wring a vague statement from the company. Said Hershey: "Would Reese's make consumer dreams come true and bring together two beloved favorites -- Cups and Pieces -- into one mind-blowing delicious cup of goodness? You'll just have to keep watching as it unfolds!"

And Pennsylvania (as in, home of the Hershey Company) resident Marlena Courchain shared an image of what certainly appears to be some pretty realistic wrappers of the merged treat, with the comment, "Coming out in July (so I hear)." After the news was confirmed, she said "I'm SO glad they announced it. I was getting worried that it was a fake picture and I would have A LOT of people angry at me."

It's far from the first time a packaged snack has stuffed a version of itself inside of itself. Oreo has a Cookies & Creme flavor, even though Oreos are the cookies in all other cookies-and-cream-flavored things.

For Reese's fans, though, it's now just a matter of waiting those 80,640 minutes, and then finding the treat on shelves. The company's already been warned. Fan Amanda Butler wrote on the company's Facebook page: "If these aren't carried where I live, I will track you down."

"You know what, Amanda, we believe you," the company wrote in response. "Starting in July, this #Cupfusion will be available in retailers nationwide."

Update, 1:08 p.m. PT: Hershey's has confirmed the new candy. The headline and story have been changed to reflect the news.