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Reddit's new app eases the pain of reading AMAs

Reading Reddit's Ask Me Anything chats on the Web can be challenging, but a new mobile app attempts to clear up the confusion.

AMAs are easier to read with Reddit's new mobile app. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Reddit has launched a new mobile app that puts a more user-friendly spin on reading its AMAs.

The site is known for its AMA (Ask Me Anything) chats in which users can ask celebrities, tech gurus, other notables, and just plain folks a range of questions. In return, the subject of the AMA attempts to answer as many questions as possible. But the barrage of questions asked of but not answered by some of the more popular people can trigger a huge amount of clutter, making it difficult to sort through the mess.

Available for Apple's iOS as of Tuesday and expected out for Android later this week, according to Variety, Reddit's new mobile app attempts to clear out the clutter of a typical AMA.

The app starts you off with a list of the most recent AMAs. Tapping one opens it up to reveal a brief introduction followed by each question that actually received an answer. You can also tap an "Asked" link if you want to see questions that were posted but never answered. You can easily scroll down the screen to read the first few passages of the AMA and then tap on a More button if you want to read further.

Tapping the back button returns you to the home screen. From there, you can tap a Reddit button to see a list of categories, such as entertainment, music, politics, journalism, arts, and food. Tapping any category displays AMAs specific to that topic. Tapping a down arrow at the top of the screen can also point you to other AMAs, including hot, most recent, and all-time favorites.

The app is geared for more than just reading. As a step further, you can open the app to ask questions in a live AMA.

The interface is cleanly formatted against a white screen so you can see each question in black and each answer in green. Using the Share button in iOS, you can also share any AMA with someone else via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other services.