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New Reddit podcast promises 'Endless Thread' of stories

The hidden twists and turns of the Reddit community will emerge in an official podcast series called Endless Thread.

Endless Thread will delve into the complex world of Reddit.


Gather 330 million people together in one place on the internet and let them talk about cute animals, politics, TV shows and anything else they want. This is Reddit, a hard-to-explain social site that's launching a new podcast it hopes can make sense of the chaos and wonder.

Endless Thread releases its first episode Jan. 12. Reddit partnered with Boston National Public Radio station WBUR to produce the weekly podcast, which will focus on the people behind fascinating Reddit stories. Journalist Ben Brock Johnson is the host.

Reddit calls itself "the front page of the internet." It's a rich place to mine for quirky and intriguing tales, as we found recently with the story of Chris, the man behind the site's infamous "Hell in a Cell" meme.

The podcast isn't just geared toward Reddit users, known as redditors. "I'm always surprised at what a mystery Reddit is to people who don't use it. I'm looking forward to solving that mystery for the uninitiated, and helping redditors share their incredible, real life stories with the world," says Johnson.

Look for the podcasts to cover personal stories about near-death experiences, dealing with homelessness, and, of course, the occasional cat-related topic. The popularity of Reddit coupled with the diversity of discussions means Endless Thread will probably never have a shortage of material.