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Reddit plans weekly news show with PBS

The Conde Nast-owned social news site has announced that it's working on the pilot of a news program it hopes will premiere in the fall.

Social news site Digg has the beer-fueled Diggnation podcast, but its Conde Nast-owned rival Reddit is working on something more highbrow: a TV show on PBS.

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian announced Wednesday on the company blog that the site will be powering the news behind YourWeek, a new show on affiliates of the public broadcasting network. In a more youth-focused spin than PBS' news is known for, the new show details the week's headlines as chosen by Reddit users. Reddit has set up a new section of the site for discussion.

"We're finishing taping on the pilot this weekend and I can confirm that the Reddit alien (the site's mascot) will be getting on-camera time," Ohanian said to readers. The site is celebrating its new show's user-generated spirit by throwing a contest for users to remix its theme song--"I suspect it won't be long before we get a Rickroll remix," he added.

Right now, there's no formal debut date as the show is not completely greenlit. The show's pilot will be broadcast online only, hitting the Web on June 6, and YourWeek will ideally launch on PBS stations in the fall.

Meanwhile, Reddit, which trails Digg in traffic and faces new competition from Yahoo Buzz, still has nothing against beer.