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7 ways Redditors made this dancing guy hilarious

To get away from all the political posts, I decided to venture over to Reddit's Photoshop Battles to see what they had to offer. I was not disappointed.

With the 2017 presidential inauguration ceremonies happening Friday, the news this week has been wall-to-wall politics. To give you a break from cabinet appointments, hearings and the inauguration, I decided to post something totally off-topic. Not just off-topic, but too funny to pass up.

I was browsing Reddit's Photoshop Battles today when I saw that someone posted a picture of a guy holding a beer high in the air while dancing at a wedding. At first I thought it would be a pretty boring battle, but it only took a few of the submissions before I was hooked.

Check out the original photo, which is sort of funny (definitely the facial expression), but seems like a pretty standard occurrence at a wedding:

Reddit user: PerplexedLabrat

Then the regulars at /r/photoshopbattles took over and it wasn't just the initial ideas that were clever, it was also the follow-up posts. First, check out the dancing man as a Tusken Raider (they were also called sand people) from "Star Wars":

Reddit user: Corvosi

Someone quickly followed this up with an animation that brings it to life:

Reddit user: SaneInsanities

That's when the animations started flowing. Redditor 2Thebreezes brought the special effects:

Reddit user: 2Thebreezes

Then, someone hilariously suggested adding words that lit up when his hips swayed back and forth. 2Thebreezes obliged:

Reddit user: 2Thebreezes

Dancing wedding guy on an aircraft carrier directing traffic? Sure, why not?

Reddit user: funny-lookin-stain

I'm not mad about him as a gladiator either. Redditor Cmatthewman called him "Partycus." I think this one was especially well done with the lighting and effects. Looks heroic!

Reddit user: Cmatthewman

Finally, whenever there's someone dancing, it's never a bad idea to include them in the iconic dancing scene from "Pulp Fiction":

Reddit user: -doitforjohnny-