Reddit appears on Google Glass, could turn us into zombies

Self-declared "front page of the Internet" arrives on Google Glass, giving Glassers the ability to upvote, downvote, and share content on the go. Addictive time sink + wearable computer = glassy-eyed Redditors.

An example of a Reddit post seen through the Google Glass interface. Malcom Nguyen

The popular link sharing Web site Reddit -- perhaps one of the greatest time sinks known to humankind -- has made its way to Google Glass.

Reddit Timeline, created by Malcolm Nguyen, enables Google Glass users to quickly view the top 25 posts on Reddit (or their own custom version of the front page) with just a swipe of a finger. The app even updates the collection of posts every hour to keep things fresh. Hepcats can also use the app to share images and video, shot with Glass, to Reddit, which will likely excite many people who regularly contribute content to the Web site.

An example of the upvote screen in the Reddit Timeline app for Google Glass. Malcom Nguyen

With Reddit Timeline, Glassers may upvote and downvote posts or participate in threaded comments. If you're too busy to eyeball a discussion, the app lets you tap Glass to have the high-tech specs read the comments aloud to you.

As more Google Glass devices and eyeball-capturing apps come to the surface, it seems likely that the age-old question "Are you paying attention to me?" will soon become a phrase that starts a conversation as well as one that ends it.

You can read CNET's hands-on review of Glass here.


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