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Red Zune 80, no Valentine required

Microsoft has brought back their limited Valentine-edition of the red Zune 80 MP3 player, for sale through the Zune Originals Web site.

Photo of red version of the Microsoft Zune MP3 player.
Want a red Zune 80 without all the lovey-dovey sentiment? They're now on sale at Zune Originals. Microsoft

After appearing briefly as the Valentine edition of the Zune 80, today Microsoft has brought back the red version of the Zune 80 through their Zune Originals online store. Unlike the fumbled Valentine's edition, however, these red Zunes won't come cheap. In fact, Zune Originals is now charging an extra $15 for the artwork engraving service that they initially offered free of charge.

Still, for those of you who really want to fly your Zune freak flag high, the red Zune 80 definitely looks like it will get some attention.