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Red styling, interactive features, and good picture define Samsung LNB650 LCD

While not up to the picture quality of Samsung's top-flight models, the feature-rich, uniquely styled LNB650 series still outperforms most LCDs on the market.

The red coloration and V-shaped frame combine for a unique look in Samsung's LNB650 series. Sarah Tew/CNET

Among Samsung's umpteen different model lines and feature variations for its 2009 HDTVs, the LNB650 series sits somewhere in the middle. It's significantly less-expensive than the LED-based LCDs, like the UNB7000 series, and costs a bit less than the LNB750 series of non-LED 240Hz models, yet still commands a premium over entry-level models. Aside from a couple hundred bucks, 120Hz of refresh rate separates the B650 and B750 models on paper.

In person, the B650s have significantly different styling and, it turns out, somewhat less impressive picture quality, although the difference in Hz has nothing to do with it. The LNB650 series still produces a very good picture, however, and as usual we liked Samsung's implementation of dejudder processing. Sure you'll pay a bit extra for the numerous features, but you've always wanted a TV that can suggest recipes or keep tabs on your Twitter feeds, right? All told the LNB650 series makes a solid choice for an upper-midrange LCD, as long as you can handle its unusual looks and glossy screen.

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