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Red Sox slugger David Ortiz debuts his snack-delivering drone

Technically Incorrect: Ortiz says the drone delivers his favorite jerky wherever he goes. Sadly, it's just an ad. Or is it?

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

He bats. The drone flies in to feed him.

JerkyBot/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Baseball players like to have everything done for them.

After all, when you're earning tens of millions of dollars a year, why strain yourself?

Especially if you're a designated hitter.

Those pampered souls just bat occasionally and eat the rest of the time.

Perhaps that explains why Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is debuting his new JerkyBot.

This is slightly different from a jerky bat, which all sluggers display once in a while.

The JerkyBot is a drone that delivers your favorite snack to you wherever you are.

It's allegedly part butcher-block and part drone. It's programmed to fly to you, so you merely have to take the food off the drone and eat.

You want one, don't you?

Sadly, this is just an ad for Ortiz's favorite jerky -- Chef's Real Cut Jerky.

I'm told by the video's creator, viral tease-merchant Michael Krivicka, that Ortiz has a share in the company.

Will it, though, be marketed? The demand would be vast and broad. Couch potato types would be crying out for something so helpful to their coach-potatodom.

"It's being used as a marketing tool for a client for now," Krivicka told me. "Hopefully, one day it can be a real consumer product."

I feel sure that enterprising types, on seeing this creation, will labor night and day to build versions that will move to market fast.

There will soon come a day when a pitcher takes so long tugging at his cap and rejecting his catcher's signs that a drone will buzz out onto the field to feed the batter.