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Red Skull Beet Salad makes a terrifying Thanksgiving table

Serve up a slice of Captain America's nemesis to the relatives you like the least this holiday.

Boy, kids just love to gobble beets as if they were candy, so there's probably nothing you can do to make the healthy food look horrible...GAAAAAH!

Chef Russell Jackson of SubCulture Dining in New York and host of Bravo's "Going Off The Menu" created a blood-riffic beet molded salad in the shape of Captain America's nemesis, the Red Skull. This supervillain is even creepy in comic-book form, and somehow he's a thousand times worse in drippy, oozy, supposedly-edible beets.

The key to the whole recipe is a two-part skull mold, and unnerving eyes and teeth created with goat-cheese cream or creme fraiche. Serve up a slice to the Thanksgiving guests most likely to start an argument this holiday.