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Red Nexus 5 doesn't spare its blushes in leaked official pic

An official-looking image of the red Nexus 5 has leaked online, stoking rumours that the handset will launch in a range of new colours.

We've already seen a leaked snap of Google's Nexus 5 in a new red hue, but now here's what looks like a bonafide official image. It comes courtesy of serial tipster @evleaks, and shows the Nexus 5 all duded up in a shiny red finish.

This would seem to confirm Google's Android-powered blower is launching in a range of new colours, but as yet, nothing is official. Head to Google Play, and the handset is still listed as only available in black or white. I've contacted Google for comment, and will update this story if I hear back.

It's not the first we've heard of new hues for the Nexus 5. A previous image surfaced on a Vietnamese-language site, with a release date pegged for February or March. Phone Arena also posted a leaked video that seemed to show off the Nexus 5's new colours, though the red is a lot darker than the scarlet seen in this pic, and the one on the Vietnamese site.

@evleaks has a pretty good track record of getting these leaks correct, but until Google announces anything, I'd take it with a pinch of salt.

Other colours in the range are said to be orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Apple's iPhone 5C comes in a selection of bright colours, as do Nokia's Lumia range of handsets, so if Google does release these new hues, it could be accused of following suit. Though I do like the look of the bright red one.

Would you like to see the Nexus 5 in new colours? Which would you pick? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.