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Red Hat's Szulik named entrepreneur of the year

Matthew Szulik is Ernst & Young's 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year, a distinction he has earned.

Ernst & Young has named Matthew Szulik, chairman of Red Hat, as its 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year in the Technology category. It's a fitting honor for the man who helped put open source on the enterprise map, and helped Red Hat claim 80 percent of the enterprise Linux market in the process.

Szulik was recognized for turning Red Hat from what some called a questionable idea into a billion-dollar business. "Matthew Szulik follows a proud tradition of pioneering entrepreneurs who overcame skeptics and brought a novel, seemingly improbable business idea to market successfully," said James S. Turley, chairman and CEO, Ernst & Young LLP.

I first competed with Matthew back in 2000 while at Lineo, and later came to know him and deeply respect him. He earned this honor.