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Red Hat wins the Japanese IT vote...again

Japan has voted Red Hat its top IT vendor, two years running.

Japan loves Red Hat. At this very moment, hordes of Japanese IT folks are angling for the meishi of their favorite Red Hat salesperson, hoping to do business with the number-one rated IT vendor in Japan, two years running, according to Nikkei Market Access' 2008 survey of 3,000 IT workers.

Last year, Nikkei Market Access surveyed 800 Japanese IT workers, and Red Hat came out on top (with Apple Japan and Willcom coming in second and third, respectively). This year, with 2,200 more IT workers surveyed, Red Hat still won with 32.6 percent of the vote. Second place went to Oracle Japan with 30.7 percent of the vote, third place to e-mobile with 29.8 percent, fourth place to VMWare with 28.8 percent, and fifth place to KDDI with 27.8 percent.

Interesting, no? The second and third-place finishers changed completely, but Red Hat remained on top. The Japanese seem pretty consistent in favoring Red Hat.