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Red Hat to VMware: Our virtualization rocks, yours stinks

VMware has a new set of problems with Red Hat claiming its virtualization technology dramatically outperforms VMware's.

As if VMware didn't already have enough problems, Red Hat has gone on the offensive, claiming that its new Qumranet virtualization software outperforms VMware's ESX in a number of key areas, as The Register reports. Specifically, Red Hat claims that its KVM software:

  • Runs five virtual machines (VMs) for every three that VMware's ESX can run on the same physical hardware;
  • Tops out at 52 VMs on a physical server while ESX can only manage 35, and Citrix gives in at 30.

I haven't seen any independent benchmarks, but if these claims are true than proprietary VMware has a serious problem on its hands. Not only will it be more expensive, but it's also apparently offering less performance. Not a good combination.