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Red Hat had a good quarter, in case you didn't notice

Red Hat's investor relations team really wants to make sure you didn't neglect the good quarter that it had. Is that weird?

The VAR Guy points to an interesting post by Red Hat's vice president of Investor Relations, Tom McCallum. The post isn't particularly newsworthy for the data it reveals, all of which was noted during Red Hat's earnings call.

No, it's interesting, as The VAR Guy suggests, because Red Hat felt the need to post it at all.

The VAR Guy wonders... is McCallum trying to tactfully rally investors around Red Hat?...Ahem. Is McCallum saying Red Hat deserves more credit (i.e., a higher share price?) for its most recent quarterly results, based on solid bookings?

Perhaps. McCallum may simply have been trying to underscore Red Hat's relatively strong position as investors get nervous about a sinking economy, trying to ensure that Red Hat's stock price doesn't unfairly follow the economy down, when Red Hat's results are trending upward.

But it's the first time that I can remember Red Hat's investor relations team blogging about performance, given that the commentary on the performance was already public (albeit not as well-packaged as McCallum's post).