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Records to die for, literally

A UK company called And Vinyly will press your cremated ashes into a vinyl record! It's a groovy way to be remembered!

Here's proof entrepreneurial spirit is alive and kicking in the U.K.: And Vinyly will press your (or your pet's) cremated ashes into 30 custom LPs, for a rather hefty fee!

And Vinyly offers a whole new way to get into the groove! Steve Guttenberg

You can record anything you want; just don't exceed the maximum playing time of 12 minutes per side. You can use a recording of your voice, play a banjo, or recite your last will and testament. Some And Vinyly customers opt to just press the ashes in the grooves and let the clicks and pops "speak" for themselves. Hey, it's your sound after all. And Vinyly offers for extra cost, custom recorded music of your choice.

The standard package includes no cover art other than your name, date of birth, date of death, etc. Want something a little more artistic? And Vinyly can arrange for a sitting with acclaimed artist, James Hague, the 1996 Winner of the BP Portrait Award National Portrait Gallery show to paint your cover art. Face it, you're only dead once!