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Recordable CD drives for Gateway

The CD-RW drive, an increasingly popular option on PCs, is available as an upgrade on its home, small office, and business computers.

Gateway will begin offering recordable CD drives on its home, small office, and business line of desktop computers.

The CD-RW drive is available as an upgrade on G, GP, and E-Series desktop computer systems for $225.

A relatively expensive technology until recently, CD-RW is becoming a more prevalent feature on PCs.

A recordable CD drive resembles the traditional CD-ROM drive with the important exception that the user can also record data on it up to 1,000 times, in addition to the standard playback capability. CD-RW is touted by some as an optical storage product that could be an alternative to rewritable DVD technology.

Gateway's CD rewritable drives are manufactured by Philips and come with one CD-RW (rewritable) disc and two CD-R (write once) discs. Each disc has a capacity of 650MB. Also included is Adaptec's DirectCD, and EZ CD Creator software.