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Record more HD shows with DVR Xpander

Get your Digital Video Recorder to record more HD shows with an external hard drive designed specifically for DVRs that offers up to 1.5TB of storage.

With the proliferation of TV programming delivered in high definition, you may find your DVR quickly runs out of storage space. That's because HD content takes about 10GB per hour, which is roughly 10 times the amount of space required by non-HD content.


Now you have a choice: either open up your DVR and install a new, bigger hard drive, or get external storage for your recordings. The latter, though less fun, is much more convenient and safe.

And it got even more convenient on Thursday, as Apricorn just announced its new external-storage solution for DVRs called the DVR Xpander.

The device offers up to 1.5TB (1,500GB that is) of storage, which translates into about another 843 hours of standard programming or another 187 hours of high-definition programming on your DVR. If you think that's too much, the Xpander comes in smaller capacities, too, including 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB.

Essentially, the Xpander is an external hard drive designed to work with DVRs. According to Apricorn, the device is compatible with a wide variety of eSATA- or USB 2.0-supported DVRs provided by cable companies.

Examples of these DVRs include the Scientific Atlanta 8300 series DVR (via eSATA connection), and the DISH Network ViP Series HD DVRs (via USB 2.0 connection). For these DVRs, you just need to connect the DVR Xpander, format the drive using the DVR prompts, and your DVR capacity is increased.

The DVR Xpander sports a sleek aluminum enclosure and promises to be whisper quiet. It also operates cool enough to be stuck inside your TV cabinet.

The DVR Xpander comes with a one-year warranty and is available now. The 1.5TB version costs $239. Other versions with smaller capacities cost less. Check with your DVR vendor or Apricorn to make sure your device works with the Xpander before making a purchase.