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Record income for SystemSoft

The system software vendor announces record revenues and net income for the last quarter.

SystemSoft today announced record revenues and net income for the quarter.

The system software vendor also announced new products for making Windows NT more palatable for notebook PC users, as the company expects Windows NT 4.0 will ship on more than 10 percent of all notebook computers within the first 12 months of release.

SystemSoft produces software for PC Card (formerly PCMCIA) management, power management, and the system BIOS on notebook computers.

SystemSoft reported that total revenues for the quarter ended July 31 were $9.3 million, an increase of 59 percent over the same quarter 1995. Net income was up by 72 percent over the same period to $1.5 million, or 6 cents per share. It was the first quarter ever that the company has posted revenues over the $9.0 million mark.

SystemSoft also said today that it will ship new versions of software to make Windows NT more suitable for notebook PCs. NT currently doesn't provide support in areas such as PC Card management and power management, critical for notebook PCs.

The company will introduce new versions of CardWizard for NT this quarter and Power Profiler which will ship in the fourth quarter.

Also, SystemSoft executives cite solid business growth in a new field of software products for the company. The company has seen success with its "call avoidance" software, which reduces calls to company support lines by solving the problems automatically at the end-user level.

The company says it has received a number of commitments from OEM manufacturers to use the new software. Consumers are likely to see the software shipped on computers in the fourth quarter.

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