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Reclaim wasted corner space

A kitchen that's short on storage can make for an unhappy chef. Get the most out of every inch of your space with The KornerKing drawer and lazy Susan combination.

All hail the King. KornerKing

So, you have a corner cabinet in your kitchen. And you have items you'd like to store there, but you'd also like to be able to reach them when you need them. You need the KorderKing Cabinet Module, which combines a drawer and a lazy Susan in a single unit.

Store frequently used items in the drawer to access your things easily. Spin the entire unit to take advantage of all the space offered in deeper cabinets to store--and reach--even more. Retrofitting an existing cabinet is straightforward, and there are plenty of how-to videos right on the site. The modules run from $250 to $370 and come in different configurations to fit varying kitchen needs.

If your kitchen is short on space, KornerKing might be a wise investment.