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Reckless Drivers Beware!

Think twice next time you attempt to illegally pass a driver. A picture of your car in action might end up on the Web.

Be sure not to drive recklessly next time you're on California's Highway 17, because your bad driving habits may be exposed for the entire cyberworld to see, thanks to road watchers Curt Feigel and Emil Gallant.

Feigel and Gallant drive to work on California's Highway 17 each morning and wait for the perfect opportunity to whip out their digital camera and snap a picture of a reckless driver for their Highway 17 Page of Shame on the Net.

They created the site in hopes of "educating" the world's worst drivers. The site features jerque du jour (jerk of the day), Angry BMW Drivers Let Me Have It, and The Great Volvo Road Test. Upcoming features include Tailgaters; Asleep at the Wheel; and Minivans, Terror from the Suburbs.