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Reciva adds Pandora to 10 Wi-Fi radios

The Internet radio database company Reciva has added Pandora access to 10 standalone Wi-Fi radios.

The Tangent Quattro, along with several other radios, can now access Pandora thanks to an update from Reciva.

When we get a Wi-Fi radio in for review and find that it uses the Reciva database to offer up Internet radio stations, it's usually a good sign. Reciva's database of stations is nearly comprehensive and we always appreciate that you can manage the thousands of available stations using Reciva's Web site.

In addition to traditional Internet radio stations, Reciva announced Monday that it's adding Pandora support for 10 devices, including Wi-Fi radios from C Crane, Grace Digital, Livio, Sonoro audio, and Tangent Audio.

While some of the radios listed already included Pandora support (such as most of Grace's product line), it's a bonus for owners of radios like the Tangent Quattro that didn't previously support the service. We're hoping Pandora becomes a standard feature on all Reciva-based Wi-Fi radios from here on out. Here's the full list of radios that are now Pandora-certified, straight from Reciva's press release:

C Crane

Grace Digital

The Livio Radio featuring Pandora LV001

Sonoro audio
Elements W

Tangent Audio
Tangent Quattro
Tangent NET-200