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Recharger ensures marathon 'Wii Fit' sessions

Just in time to add insult to injury for that Mother's Day gift.


Time's running out: You've got only two more days to get the Wii Fit and offend mom on Mother's Day--or at least pre-order one, as it's not available until May 19. And to make up for the tardiness of the misguided gift, there's even a way to add insult to injury with a rechargeable battery.

Nyko will be shipping its "Energy Pak" for the "Wii Balance Board" on the same day the fitness game is released to provide maximum sweat time, according to Gizmodo. The recharging brick plugs into the bottom of the board so mom will barely miss a beat in her marathon workout sessions, ensuring that she'll curse your name with every aerobic step. And remember, don't forget to include the scale.