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ReCharge4: Charge your iPod, phone and PSP anywhere

Mobile phone out of juice? iPod battery run dry? Recharge that sucker up to four times using this portable rechargeable battery

Running out of battery power in the middle of nowhere is about as inevitable as death itself: it'll happen to us all at least once, or multiple times if you own a Wi-Fi phone or believe in reincarnation.

Here to save us all from a fate worse than powerless iPods is the ReCharge4 from Exspect -- a portable battery that can charge your mobile phone, games console or MP3 player while you're on the move.

By the looks of things it's better than those throw-away use-once systems we blogged about not long ago. It'll charge your electronic pride-and-joy up to four times before it itself needs recharging, so it's perfect for taking on a weekend away or a short holiday. The unit is compact and lightweight, so it should fit easily into a small bag.

The ReCharge4 comes in three flavours: 'Mobile Phone', 'Portable Gaming Device' and 'MP3 Player'. Each comes with a set of connectors for the most popular types of devices, so in the case of the 'Portable Gaming Device' model you get connectors for Sony PSP, Nintendo DS Lite, Game Boy Advance and so on.

Exspect says it will soon start selling cables for specific devices, and also cables that will allow the initially device-specific ReCharge4s to work with others in the range. This means that if you buy the 'Mobile Phone' model now, you can buy cables to allow it to work with an MP3 player later.

We think it's a funky idea. Not everybody wants to walk around with a charger, and let's face it -- we're not always near an electrical outlet. You can get yours from the Exspect Web site for £39.99. -RR