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Recession-proof Red Hat?

Is open source the best bet in a recession?

As Wall Street gets nervous about a looming recession (and only perks up when the government throws more ill-advised ways for people to spend more money on the table), and as more and more companies give cautious to negative outlooks for the future (e.g., Intel), it's worth remembering something that Frank Lara of Stockmasters writes:

Well here's what should be turning investor's heads and help them not worry about selling enough iPods, iPhones, and just overall iRecessionDontNeedCrap items: Red Hat also raised its fiscal 2008 revenue outlook to between $521 million to $523 million, up from $510 million to $520 million.

Get that? In the midst of the doom and gloom Red Hat is raising its revenue outlook, not lowering it. Microsoft is, too. You apparently either need monopoly power (Microsoft) or open-source power (Red Hat) to weather the recession.

I know which one I prefer.