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Recent customer wins for open source

Open source is winning, one customer at a time.

Last week I asked for more case studies, and I heard back from a range of companies that recently had significant customer wins. In an effort to spread the good word, here are a few new places that open source is releasing customers from the shackles of proprietary lock-in:

  • LinkedIn has selected Sun's MySQL database to power the back-end of its 25-million people strong social network. Interestingly, this isn't just a MySQL win. Sun's Solaris and Sparc technologies are also being used by LinkedIn (though LinkedIn was already using these). So perhaps sometimes Sun will drive MySQL adoption, and sometimes MySQL will drive Sun adoption.
  • Everyone decides to use Zimbra.
  • MarkMail added the mail archives to its search repository. MarkMail, a mailing-list search service started in November 2007 with four million messages from the Apache Software Foundation, has since grown to include more than 16 million messages across 3,800 mailing lists. Adding is a huge addition to an already impressive library that includes mailing lists from Apache, Codehaus, Mozilla, and others.
  • Red Hat is embedding JasperSoft's reporting technology in its Red Hat Satellite Server systems management product.
  • Finally, TI released the Beagle Board, a $149 development board that delivers the performance of a computer that's smaller than an index card. Who's the customer? You, hopefully.

That's the news for now.