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RealNetworks, Sun expand technology relationship

The streaming media giant wins wider distribution for its servers in a new bundling deal with Sun Microsystems.

RealNetworks' streaming media server has won wider distribution in a new bundling deal with Sun Microsystems.

Sun will distribute RealNetworks' RealServer 7.0 with its StorEdge Media Central software, Sun said at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference in Las Vegas. Sun and RealNetworks will co-market the combined software.

In another development bridging the companies' software, RealNetworks released RealServer 7.0 for the Sun Solaris operating system, Version 8.0. Sun has made RealServer 7.0 available for download from its Web site.

Sun and RealNetworks are old allies in the streaming media market. Both adversaries of streaming media challenger and operating system heavyweight Microsoft, the companies in the past have aimed to make their products work together, agreeing to co-market them.