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Really, really tiny image stabilization systems for camera phones

Really, really tiny image stabilization systems for camera phones

InvenSense, makers of electronic gyroscopes and other motion-sensing hardware, has announced development of the "world's smalled dual axis gyroscope." In nontechnical jargon, InvenSense is working on an antishake camera system so tiny it can fit onto the thinnest camera phone. These tiny gyroscope chips, which InvenSense hopes to release later this year, are a key part of camera image-stabilization systems that detect hand movements and reduce shake in photographs. Many ultracompact cameras, such as Casio's Exilim EX-Z850, already have onboard image stabilization. Unfortunately, this stabilization has been just a bit too bulky to fit onto truly tiny cameras, including the extremely dense optical mechanisms and circuitry of camera phones. If InvenSense's little gyroscope works out, this could lead to antishake features on the smallest camera phones. This technology probably won't lead to many changes in conventional ultracompact cameras, though; the big barrier in dedicated digital cameras is the size of the image sensor and lens mechanism, not the antishake mechanism.

Source: Gizmodo