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Really? Moto to offer Android phone with 2GHz processor this year?

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha promised an Android phone with a 2GHz processor this year, but we're not so inclined to agree.

Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola's Mobile Devices, dreams big. Motorola

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha set big expectations this week when he promised that his company would have an Android phone with a 2Ghz processor by the end of the year. But is such a goal really possible? We're not so sure.

Conceivably Tech first reported that Jha made the pledge while speaking Thursday at the Executives Club of Chicago. As the publication didn't quote Jha directly, we wondered if his comments were open to interpretation.

Today, however, Moto spokeswoman Juli Bruda confirmed with CNET that Jha promised such a device to his Chicago audience. We would have loved to get more specifics, but Bruda wouldn't elaborate.

Conceivably Tech also quoted an unnamed Moto exec who said that the new handset will offer an Nvidia processor and will "incorporate everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today." A rather vague promise, yes, which leads us to believe that Jha's comments still might be a game of semantics. As CNET contributor Brooke Crothers pointed out, in his Nanotech blog, Nvidia's Tegra 250 chip uses two cores, with each running a maximum speed of 1Ghz.

We could be wrong, of course, but as of now we remain a bit skeptical that we'll see a 2GHz phones in 2010. Perhaps Jha is just keeping the stakes high in the ever-hot smartphone wars. On the other hand, we think Jha's promised video chat phones are well on their way.