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Giant realistic octopus backpack doesn't squirt ink, hopefully

Why bother with a boring bag when this backpack looks like you're being hugged by a friendly cephalopod? Check out artist Olga Kotova's latest creation.


George the octopus backpack looks like a real cephalopod hitching a ride with a human.

Olga Kotova/Etsy

Creative backpacks are nothing new. There are plenty that resemble everything from Han Solo in Carbonite to superhero disguises. However, this may be one of the few backpacks that looks like a real octopus piggyback-riding a human.

The unusual octopus backpack, named George, is made by Belarus artist Olga Kotova, who creates other nature-inspired items, including backpacks that look like bird wings.

The backpack is made from felted wool. It has two compartments suitable for large books as well as a large pocket inside George's head. The tentacles can be fastened over the wearer's shoulders and around the waist.

Sadly, George the octopus backpack has already sold out on Kotova's Etsy store OrangeCatMinsk, but sells them on her Livemaster store. Perhaps customer demand will prompt the artist to make more.