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Realistic Batman toys battle in eerie stop-motion video

A stunning teaser trailer for a stop-motion Batman movie uses extremely realistic action figures as actors.

Screenshot from Batman: Dark Knightfall
The Joker returns in stop motion. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Who knew action figures could be so expressive? The trailer for a fan-made Batman film called "Batman: Dark Knightfall" uses toys to create a dark battle between Gotham's forces of good and the Joker's evil minions.

Everything from the lighting to the music to the movement of the figures is full of moody, broody atmosphere. What makes this unusual stop-motion project work is the super-realistic action figures. The 12-inch figures made by Hot Toys turn the trailer into a creepy romp through the Uncanny Valley.

You can even see the texture on the Heath Ledger Joker's makeup job. These action figures don't come cheap, running up to several hundred dollars per figure. Judging by the video results, that investment is worth it. There's even a nod to Jack Nicholson's Joker portrayal.

Stop-motion films are notoriously time-consuming to make, but the team behind the trailer is promising a full version soon.

(Via io9)