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Real woman to quit job during Super Bowl for GoDaddy

Perhaps attempting to adjust its image, GoDaddy has landed on a scheme to persuade a real female employee of an unnamed company to quit during the Big Game. Her boss currently knows nothing. Allegedly.

So who will it be? GoDaddy screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Everyone's loved GoDaddy's Super Bowl spots over the years.

Well, everyone except most women and most people of moderate taste, of course.

The barefaced baring of female bodies hasn't exactly suggested a company that views women as anything other than chattels of flesh.

This Sunday, it's about to change. Because GoDaddy has allegedly persuaded an unnamed female employee of an unnamed company to quit her job in its Super Bowl spot.

The company has already released a teaser, in which John Turturro insists that this is a real story of a woman who wants to quit in order to start her own small business.

But here's the really amusing part: her boss apparently knows nothing.

He or she will, so the promise is, be watching Seattle and Denver shiver and shake when an employee (presumably a very good one) will quit in front of 100 million people.

That should make the Doritos go down nicely.

Ad Age reports that only the production team and the woman's father know that she will be giving her two weeks during America's most famous 4 hours.

Still, I can't help but be suspicious. These are the people who, only last year, gave us Bar Refaeli kissing a slightly portly nerd.

Now we're supposed to accept that this will be a real woman kissing her boss goodbye?

Won't this be a little like the "Oh, they must have known" feeling you get with "Undercover Boss"?

Then again, would John Turturro give his name to fakery?

John Turturro prepares the way for a quitting. GoDaddy screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET