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Real-time traffic phone released in Korea

Samsung offers traffic maps over new mobile broadcast system

Officer, I swear, I wasn't talking on my cell phone while driving; I was looking at the map...on my cell phone...while driving.

Samsung SPH-B5800
Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics has released the SPH-B5800, a cell phone that offers real-time traffic maps as well as info on where to find places to eat. Technical Resource likes the fact that people can compare routes and decide which road is the one less traveled by.

The Samsung SPH-B5800 is available in Korea for about $600.

Instead of using GPS, the phone works by TPEG, a transportation broadcast service offered in Korea over its new Digital Media Broadcasting (DMB) network.

DMB, which is starting to develop in Asia and Europe, is like VHF for cell phones. In fact, we don't have it in the U.S. because VHF channels are still broadcast over the same sort of frequency for televisions that DMB uses to broadcast to cell phones.

But in Korea (where they have many cool things before we do) they have DMB and they are using it to avoid traffic. The TPEG traffic info is updated on the Samsung phone about every five minutes.

The phone also has a 2-megapixel camera, and a 330,000 word dictionary.