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From 8-bit to hot bod: Meet real-life Super Mario

Who knew Mario was so sexy? Mercedes-Benz Japan trots out a hunky human version of the iconic gamer character for a new ad campaign.

If this real-life version of Mario doesn't inspire some sexy fan fiction, nothing will. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Few things get gamers, hipsters, and pop culture fanatics more excited than hearing the theme to Super Mario Brothers -- whether it's played by a mariachi band, on wine glasses, on an ancient Chinese instrument, or just by snapping fingers.

Mercedes-Benz Japan has not only perked our ears with the iconic theme song, it's also showed us what can happen when a typically plump pixelated plumber turns into a real-life sexy car model.

In this Japanese commercial for the new line of GLA-Class cars, Mercedes-Benz uses the 8-bit version of Super Mario Bros., with our hero driving one of its new posh cars. Halfway through the commercial we see a real hunky human version of Mario step out of his GLA car. He even steps on a creepy-looking Goomba!

The Go! GLA website also uses Super Mario Bros. to navigate the user through all the new GLA-class special features. There are even T-shirts available.

Mercedes-Benz knows we'll never get to drive around in an adult version of the Super Mario Kart for kids, so the GLA-Class car will be the next best thing.

In conjunction with the ad campaign, according to Kotaku, a Mercedes-Benz car will be available in Nintendo's Mario Kart 8 game in Japan, though there's no verification on whether Westerners will have the same option.