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Real estate is hot property

Net firms such as Microsoft and AOL are trying to cash in on the historically lucrative real estate ad market, and going a step further by offering more services.

Real estate listings historically have made big money for newspapers in classified advertising. Net companies are taking that model and running with it, not only trying to cash in on the Net's flexible advertising capabilities, but also launching extensive real estate services of their own.

The next big thing for portals?
news analysis Big virtual properties online such as AOL and Microsoft are hoping to cash in on the lucrative business of selling real estate.

Intuit, AOL team on mortgage site
The two companies say they have collaborated to launch a new mortgages area on AOL's real estate center, featuring Intuit's QuickenMortgage.

Microsoft launches real estate site
audio Microsoft unveils a new real estate Web site aimed at getting a chunk of one of the biggest potential gold mines on the Internet.